Saturday, August 21, 2010

exam coming soon,,

yup..exam will come soon and we all are study as usual for preparation..but i'm so scare of exam..can i get flying colour for this coming exam?20 september 2010.ohh im scared..i have to make all my last result change to the better result or else we havo to think for our future to stay on science stream..i dont want to go out from that classmate also didnt want that thing happen on us..YA ALLAH plese give your hidayah and get rid our lazy feeling..AMIN..i hope that my result better and bestttiee.hhee talk about ramadhan it nearly to 11 of ramadhan muslim people fasting..i had a gret moment in this ramadhan from early month.i probably hope that we will get the reward as much as we can insyaalah..haahaa i got to go..see ya soon :)

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