Friday, July 23, 2010

when a cousin become bestie...

she is my fav cousin..she just like my bestie..we share,we laugh and we do gossip(gud way)..she lil bit older than me..yah,,a bit older than me..i was sweet 16 and she is 22..she is mainly cool and she treat my other girlfriends good..semua org perlukan kwn,,even sorunk pnn..even your mom can be other words,kalw tader kwn kte na share something,kte na story kt spe right..kalw yg jnis spesies makan kawan??macam mane pulak tuhh..kite cter sgale secret kt dea tbe2 kte dpt tau orunk laen tau..memg mara kann..the better best friend,,kwn y waktu kte tngah susah and dea tngah sibuk dgn keje dea,dea maseh mlyan kite,.

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